• Michael @goumaz got to try the #RadixWheels on his Brandon James deck - wider wheels for a faster ride - To try them is to adopt them ! #ComingSoon
  • @chris24hart shredding @monsterskatepark - @coedie 🎥 filming - front cook whip flair bar front board 540 ...
  • How did you spend your #weekend? @coedie even reps his favorite Tee and wheels in bed!! 📷 photo by @emmakate13
  • 6 years old @roccopiazza1 learned to back #whip .... what did you pull? 😜 #EagleSupplyTeam mate @chandlerdunn1 throws Rocco in the #FoamPit to celebrate
  • Rich @risazelinka just won #BestTrick at the #BreakonStage #MGP event in Spain - the @gizmaniacz rider stepped it up #bigtimes in front of a huge crowd! Congrats!
  • @coedie combos at the @kickscoot night at @monsterskatepark - filmed by @chris24hart #eaglesupplyteam
  • Rainy day in Liverpool for the #RampWorx Euro Qualifier - Brandon and Ollie avoiding the rain ...
  • Weekend are always better when you ride #EagleWheels !! Colorful arrangement by @mickey_oosterling
  • Yes they did! Michael @goumaz got up this wicked roof ramp ... #Rotterdam has a lot of #Street - photo by local @mickey_oosterling

deck dk-2 v2 rory coe

April 10, 2015
Not too long, not to short, it's perfect length. It's also light and great for grinds, have never broken it.

deck dk-2 v2 rory coe

April 10, 2015
A great all round deck, park or street this deck performs well! Tested by some of the best professionals in the world, the deck is durable and will last any style of rider a long time. Some great features on the deck include grind rails on the base of the deck, these allow you to balance easier on your grinding obstacle, while only keeping the two grind rails touching, the less touching your rail or ledge, the longer and easier it is, its simple science, less friction = faster, and longer. Some other great features include the concave, this helps with deck control dramatically! also the integrated headset, signature district brake system, and an awesome new colour, this deck will keep you rolling comfortable and stylish for many days of shredding!

fork fk-3 ihic & ics red

April 10, 2015
A I havent snapped a pair of these forks yet and have had a good solid 4or 5 months riding these.