• Gotta love the sound of that grind! Michael @Goumaz #TBT at #Marbella skatepark right by the beach in #Barcelona - Filmed by Steve Peterman
  • Michael @goumaz is filming for a new edit #ComingSoon despite the rain he did find some cool new spots, what do you think about those?
  • @gizmaniacz Rich Zelinka aka @risazelinka with some Steez tricks in this #InstaClip filmed by a local rider (thanks!). Rich loved his #EagleWheels and we are glad to have him in our #EagleSupplyteam !
  • Another cool pic of #EagleSupplyteam @kiarameade at the #InclineClub by @nick_loffred0
  • Chris Hart @chris24hart filmed by @coedie at Mac feilds skatepark, fakie front board to front board heel, whip front board whip out
  • #RadixWheels - Wider is Better - #ComingOut Soon! Looking good on the Brandon James deck, right?
  • Tommy @t_christiana #TB last month new tricks - always #Progressing - Filmed by @daniel_thefish
  • @kiarameade - #IncludeClub - 📷 photo by @nick_loffred0
  • Steve Fales aka @xhomelessx with this quite original line in #Philadelphia #EagleSupplyTeam

lewis crampton for district pro

March 6, 2015
My 'welcome to the Pro team' video. Check it out!

radix | june 2014 | testing in california

March 3, 2015

re-inventing the scooter wheel again...

March 2, 2015
  • Re-Inventing the scooter wheel again...

EagleSupply introduces RadixWheel - a wider wheel specificly designed for a better ride. Coming to a shop near you in Spring 2015 - Stay Tuned for more info - The Revolution has started!

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