rider: brad ackermann

brad ackermann
brad ackermann

brad ackermann

DOB 13 jun 1997

AGE 21

HEIGHT 1.80m


RIDES eagle, addict

About me

be yourself and have fun <3

When did you start with riding?

I'm riding since 2009, more then 10 years.

What set-up do your ride?

Brandon James Signature addict deck, eagle radix wheels, addict flint pegs, addict fork, addict headset, Tilt scs, tilt sentry bars and addict grips

What's your 'Scooter Goal'? (what do you want to achieve in your scooter career)?

To inspire everyone to have fun on their scooters no matter what age, race, level or ability

What's your favorite terrain (park, street, etc.)?


Local spot/park?

Hampson skatepark, stevenage

Favorite trick(s)?

manuals or fakie manuals

Best tricks landed?

half cab flair

How would you describe your style?

as long as im enjoying myself

Favorite rider

ollie thompson

What is your biggest achievement in scootering?

riding for addict

Music you listen while riding?

Drum and Bass

Music that pumps you up to go ride?

Drum and Bass

Favorite food?

Hot wings

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