rider: lucas di meglio

lucas di meglio
lucas di meglio

lucas di meglio

A.K.A. lulu

DOB 18 feb 1999

AGE 20


RIDES eagle, addict

When did you start with riding?

I'm riding since 2010, more then 9 years.

What set-up do your ride?

Addict x eagle x radco

What's your 'Scooter Goal'? (what do you want to achieve in your scooter career)?

Just chilling with my friends and meet new homie of the scooter world

What's your favorite terrain (park, street, etc.)?

STREET LIFEEEE ! For sure the street is the best for me but i like the park too

Local spot/park?

TDM / Waves / Market Place in Maurepas

Favorite trick(s)?

Whip bar backlip

Best tricks landed?

Whip Bar backlip whip 15 stairs

Favorite rider

Reece Doezema , Zack Martin , Michael Hohmann

What is your biggest achievement in scootering?

going to usa last october

Music you listen while riding?

I dont listenning one music i listenning some différent style of music

Favorite food?

Pasta Carboooo

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