rider: leon lindgren

leon lindgren
leon lindgren

leon lindgren

DOB 15 jul 1995

AGE 23

RIDES eagle, addict

About me

i started riding with a Crazy kreek scooter in 2006 and thought doing tricks was impossible, but i didnt give up

When did you start with riding?

I'm riding since 2008, more then 11 years.

What set-up do your ride?

Tobias mayer sig deck, Addict relentless fork, Eagle SKULLAZ wheels, Proto T-bar, Addict grips in black, Tilt SCS, Addict Hazeset and Tsi cheddieFender.

What's your 'Scooter Goal'? (what do you want to achieve in your scooter career)?

To travel around the world and meet new people. My origins is from the USA, so going there has almost always been my goal.

What's your favorite terrain (park, street, etc.)?


Local spot/park?

my local park is a rhino park where i sometimes ride and chill, sometimes i ride outside the mall in my town, there is some spots there like handrails, boxes etc.

Favorite trick(s)?

Truckdriver, hanger tricks, 180 whip and powerslides.

Best tricks landed?

in my Addict part, the second last trick. fakie > barspin to fakiemanual> whip fakiemanual > halfcab. i got so hyped because i did it on the third go.

How would you describe your style?

i would describe my style as a ''allround'' style in street freestyle scootering. i love doing everything that street riding provides, hopping over big obstacles, hopping onto, grinding, bonking, wallieing, powersliding is my favorite because it feels like youre surfing while riding your scoot.

Favorite rider

luis oppel definitely, favorite pal to watch riding scooters

What is your biggest achievement in scootering?

i dont really have an achievement, i just love to ride scooters with friends and enjoy the hype.

Music you listen while riding?

i dont always listen to music while riding, but when i do its music that has been used in video parts. because then i think of the excact tricks the rider does in the excact moment in the part and then i go ahead and try it for fun.

Music that pumps you up to go ride?

i like to listen to southern accent hip hop/rap music, it gets me hyped to ride

Favorite food?


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Leon Lidgren - Bs NoseBlunt - by Bror Svensson, Skarpnack, Sweden<small>by Leon Lindgren</small>