rider: rainis laanemaa

rainis laanemaa
rainis laanemaa

rainis laanemaa

A.K.A. swallow

DOB 11 aug 1998

AGE 20

HEIGHT 1.75m


When did you start with riding?

I'm riding since 2011, more then 8 years.

What set-up do your ride?

Rory Coe sig deck,Rory coe 110mm sig wheels,TSI thom cat V2 fork, District V3 Xlarge bar,Sacrifice SCS, TILT headset,ODI soft grips.

What's your favorite terrain (park, street, etc.)?

usually park, sometimes street.

Local spot/park?

Smuuli Skatepark

Favorite trick(s)?

Bar combos,rewinds,frontflip, etc.

Best tricks landed?

Not to sure to be honest it's a matter of opinion.

How would you describe your style?

smooth n flow

Favorite rider

Roomet Säälik

What is your biggest achievement in scootering?

When I got sponsored by Eaglesupply & District scooters.

Music you listen while riding?

Gangsta rap made me do it.

Favorite food?


follow me

i also ride for



Hurricane from 2013<small>by Rainis Laanemaa</small>