Eagle Supply is the only original hand poured freestyle scooter wheel manufacturer!

Eagle Supply is the premiere scooter wheel manufacturer dedicated to making the fastest, longest lasting scooter wheels available.

Eagle Supply is part of the FSP Group, the parent company of premium brands like Addict Scootering.

In 1993, a tight-knit crew of progressive minds, Marcel, Anoeska, and Henk Oosterveen created Eagle Sport Wheels. As a family dedicated to living healthy and active lifestyles, they were united by a desire to constantly innovate. So, they began by developing a superior urethane wheel formula and manufacturing process for roller skiing and revolutionized the sport by consistently improving the urethane wheels.

By 2007, Eagle Wheel’s domination of the roller ski wheel market got to the attention of freestyle scooter pioneers, Fernando Young, Hep Greg and Rory Coe. As the sport was growing out of toy stores into the action sports realm, definite improvements to the quality of freestyle scooter products was needed to allow the riders to push tricks to the next level and for the sport to progress.

These sport pioneers contacted Eagle searching to drastically improve the existing scooter wheels available on the market. With feedback from these top riders, Eagle stepped in and brought its expertize to develop optimized urethane formulas, sizes and shapes for wheels specifically adapted for scooter riding.

By February 2008, Eagle sent its first order of scooter wheels to SkaterHQ in Australia and from there expanded into the freestyle scooter industry worldwide. Eagle dedicated their factory in Holland towards the manufacturing of hand-poured performance wheels specifically engineered for freestyle riding, quickly becoming the market’s leader, setting the bar for high quality scooter wheels and craftsmanship.


The Eagle team is now made of over a 100 individuals all over the world, ranging from executives, managers, designers and factory workers to sponsored riders. We have some of the world's best pro riders in our team including Brandon James, Cam Ward, Coedie Donovan, and many more, be sure to check their profile on the Eagle Supply riders.

The heart of Eagle is located in Rotterdam in the Netherlands where all Eagle wheels are hand poured in Eagle’s own factory to guarantee the highest quality.

A Few years back, Eagle Supply introduced a low cost wheel line designed by Eagle but manufactured in China with the same “Eagle eye” for quality engineering and reliable materials. This line, proud of its Chinese origin has been named “Chopsticks” and offers price point quality wheels worldwide that will easily compete with any other brands “premium” wheels.

In 2014, Eagle Sport Wheels became Eagle Supply to reflect on the company’s desire to extend its line to quality scooter accessories such as grip tape, spacers and more…

Innovation never stops at Eagle Supply, you can expect us to again shake the market with new products and set the bar to an even higher level… for the rest to continue to follow!



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