rider: austen hailey

austen hailey
austen hailey

austen hailey

DOB 11 may 1998

AGE 25

RIDES eagle

About me

always remember why you started scootering an it’s roots<3 support rider owned brands an continue to have fun doing what you love. til i get a legit interview luv y’all

When did you start with riding?

I'm riding since 2013, more then 10 years.

What set-up do your ride?

ao x eagle x brother !

What's your 'Scooter Goal'? (what do you want to achieve in your scooter career)?

be invited to partake in the dissidence jam, hit australia, canada, barcelona, an tha uk on my scoot

What's your favorite terrain (park, street, etc.)?

tha streeeeets

Local spot/park?

brushy creek<3

Favorite trick(s)?

manual or front board/bs lip

Best tricks landed?

did a kickless rewind 1 time

How would you describe your style?

jibs,manuals,grinds, an tha occasional scooter-roo

Favorite rider

juzzy fosho

Music you listen while riding?

rap/rock sometimes that 50’s ish

Music that pumps you up to go ride?

playboy carti all day

Favorite food?

i like cannolis a lot