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london sessions 2

September 9, 2014

Brandon James, Cam Ward, Chris Hart, Coedie Donovan and Lewis Crampton | 2 days of heavy riding in London | Filmed by: Graham Kimbell | Music: Coops - Odyssey Feat. ELZ | Follow Coops on Twitter, Instagram and Soundcloud with @coopsofficial | Photographer: Martin Kimbell

london sessions

June 19, 2014

Summer 2013, Martin and Graham Kimbell are shooting the District / Eagle team for the London Sessions ( with Brandon James, Chris Hart, Coedie Donovan, Helmeri Pirinen and Michael Goumaz – It was the last spot of the day and time for Helmeri to be creative!

Words below by photographer Martin Kimbell and rider Helmeri Pirinen


Wallride Helmeri Pirinen
Photo Sequence by Martin Kimbell


What’s this monument on London?
Martin Kimbell: I wasn't sure at the time, but a bit of research tells me it's the Southwark Needle:
Helmeri Pirinen: I have no clue. We just went there and I noticed this interesting monument. I had to get some kind clip from there.

Did anyone ride this spot before?
MK: Yes, is a fairly well known spot in London, it's very close to the London Bridge underground station, there are also a few other ledges and rails close to it. It was one of the spots at the London street jam which happened last month.
HP: I heard that it's a famous spot but I haven't seen any clips from it before.

How did you find it/How did you know about it?
MK: Brandon was our guide for the day, so he showed us this spot.
HP: Brandon knew the spot and he guided us there.

How many try before landing both the trick and the sequence?
MK: I'm not too sure, he landed on the 2nd sequence I took, but I can't remember if he'd attempted it before that.
HP: This took me about 5 tries or something like that. I was actually pretty surprised that I landed it that fast.

Martin, lot of people around, pressure to get the shot, what went through your mind setting that one?
MK: What I really wanted from this spot was a single photograph of Helmeri hitting the wallride, once I was confident I got the photo I needed I let my brother, who was filming for the London Sessions video, take over. The whip wasn't really a trick I thought would work well as a single photo so I quickly adjusted some settings on the camera got a sequence of it instead.

Did people wait and watch? Comment?
MK: I believe there were a few people who stopped, but there wasn't a huge session at this spot, I think Helmeri was the only one riding at this point.
HP: I got few nice comments from some Tourists when I was checking the speed. They asked me if I'm really going to try that heh.

What was the general feeling after getting this one done?
MK: This was the last place we rode after a long day of riding, filming and taking photos with the District guys around London, so it was great to get one last photo, and a clip for the video, before heading home.
HP: I was very happy that I got one good clip to our London edit and I also got nice picture. This was the final spot of the day so I was also happy that I didn't get injured.