The Eagle team is made by individuals all over the world, ranging from executives and managers, designers and factory workers to sponsored riders. The heart of Eagle is located in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. Our products are designed with feedback from our riders.

We pour all our wheels by hand in Holland. We produce everything in our own factory, as it's the only way we can guarantee the best quality needed for the best products in the sport. We have some of the world's best pro riders in our team, be sure to check them out!

Together we are one big family.

We work as a team to make scootering a better and bigger sport!

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Our sponsorship program is set up via our network of retailers worldwide, we recommend you first secure sponsorship with your local shop or an online retailer in your region.

Our team riders also have a strong influence in who gets to join in. They get to see first hand who dominates the parks and streets... Show them your skills and attitude, this could be a ticket in too!! Follow them on Instagram / Facebook (direct links on our rider pages). As the top brand in the industry, we receive many sponsorship requests from 4 weeks beginners in love with their first Eagle wheels to season pros riding our gear 'cause they are the best!! ;)

We will make sure to reply to you if we are interested in you joining the team. If you do not get an answer from us, keep on shredding, having fun and riding hard! It's all about your passion for riding, not sponsorship!

In any case make sure you follow us: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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